The Growing Importance of Spatial Analytics

Our staff at Spiral Analytics has spent many years conducting analytics in the realm of operational, sales (and sales operations) and marketing analytics. Key Performance Indicators, powerful data visualizations, reports, and sales play book execution has been our focus, driving smart profits by creating a data-driven organization.

Geographic Data Capture is Exploding

As we get closer to 2020, the importance of spatial analytics is increasingly on the rise.  Why? Analytics are becoming more and more specialized with ever increasing data sets available.  These data sets have a huge chunk of information which was really hard to get for many years.  The consumer acceptance of the smartphone and social media has enabled a wealth of geographic data to hit the market.  As smartphones can be used for proximity awareness for ad targeting, businesses need to understand the geographic treasure chest of their data sets.

Layers of Data for Custom Models

Invest in Spatial AnalyticsWhether is the location data is an address, zip code, area code and/or gps coordinates, this data can be drive marketing strategy, consumer awareness and even help plan the next big growth model. Think about data with geographic reference as a layer.  New car brand buyer preference for instance, can be referenced with household income and credit scores on a map to help locate a new luxury car dealership.

Another example comes from Facebook.  The ability to target ads based on interest and location can save millions in poorly targeted online ads.  The rise of Facebook as an advertising engine enables a profound amount of functionality for no cost to the consumer.  The spatial analytics of their advertising engine is their business model.

Consequences of Not Going Spatial

The consequences of not investing in spatial analytics is wasted marketing spend, poorly built products which don’t solve a consumer’s problem, and a general blind fold when it comes to understanding your market.

We are prepared for your spatial analytics project using specially trained staff and the best spatial software out there, ArcGIS. Let us collaborate with you and help you take advantage of spatial analysis without the headache of setting up your own team.