Top Sales Prospecting Tips

Sales prospecting is never fun. It usually means cold calling, getting hung up on, or even yelled at.  But when you realize sales prospecting doesn’t have to be this way, you become a better sales rep. Prospecting, the act of generating enough interest with a potential customer to start a conversation about the solution you are asking them to buy. Here are a few sales prospecting tips to get you pointed in the right direction.

Make Prospecting Feel Natural

No one in their right mind will engage with someone reading a script.  In fact, a scripting sales rep comes across as robotic and impersonal.  Based on our personal experience, the more natural the conversation is, the more engaging it is.

While some companies require scripts to guarantee you communicate suggested messaging to a prospect, you don’t have to sound like you are reading it word for word.  In fact, the most successful reps have internalized scripts and can hit the messaging without the word for word script.

Listen and Sell a Solution

In this day and age, you are not selling a product, but rather a solution.   While a car salesman is selling transportation as a product, they really are selling an experience… the comfort of driving to work in a luxury car or hearing your favorite tunes on a road trip.

Listen closely to the issue your prospects have.  Engage with general, open-ended questions and listen carefully.  In their answer is the key to the conversation.  Address it naturally and the sales will happen.

Look in Creative Places

A source of prospects is often hiding in plain sight.  Yes, your company’s CRM system is loaded with leads.  But what about the prospects who you don’t know about?  Think outside the box.  Use social media searches to find prospects who are having the very problem you can solve.   You can also share contacts with a rep at another company who sells a complimentary solution.

The key is to look beyond your mailing lists and get creative with finding prospects.  Heck, have you been to a technology meetup lately?

Don’t Close on a Prospecting Call

The point of a prospecting call is just that, to gauge interest and start a conversation.  You will very rarely need to close a deal on the first call.  The first call is about understanding if your potential customer has a problem you can solve. Only then can you start building a relationship and moving toward creating and then closing the deal.

In today’s market places, selling is complex a task. It requires multiple touch points with various individuals in the organization.  It also requires good marketing content. The strong the relationship you build, the more likely the solution is the right fit.  With the right fit, your future customer is less likely to churn after you close the deal.

Have Fun With It

These are just some of the tips to help you make the most of your sales prospecting efforts.  Prospecting and creating interest in your solutions can be a fun game.  Acting natural, be sincere, and find prospects in creative ways will make you the best rep on the sales team.



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